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Xavier Welcomes Graphic Designer – Ashley Thrasher

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – February 1, 2020  Ashley Thrasher joins our Xavier Creative House team as Graphic Designer, offering a refreshing and original perspective. A Studio & Fine Arts graduate from Georgia State University, Ashley explored many artistic mediums before falling in love with graphic arts. Her path became evident after discovering typography in college followed by a steady stream of graphics classes to complete the curriculum. There were many creative steps leading up to Ashley’s emergence as a spirited artist. Ashley draws inspiration from her informal pursuits of photography, painting, sculpture, and even costume design. She is a student of the world around her, stimulated by culture, nature, and society.

If you happen to be at a convention where creatives gather to show off their ability to represent their favorite character, look for Ashley. Although initially hesitant, she got hooked on events that harness the  unbridled passion of a community focused on creativity.  Each year, Ashley is propelled further into the creative realm, leveling up her staging and artistic presentation.

We encourage our team to seek inspiration on a daily basis. When we met Ashley, we knew her ability to apply an artful lens to every aspect of her life made her a perfect fit.

Sunny White, Founder & CEO, Xavier Creative House

Ashley embraces the XCH culture and considers her passion for entrepreneurship to be a state of mind. After working in a traditional agency setting, she was ecstatic to find bold and evocative to be the driving force of Xavier’s unique approach to brand promotion.  “Working the edges of the box”, as opposed to an “out of the box” mentality is something that resonated immediately for Ashley.  She will be a vital contributor to our creative process. Ashley’s tools of choice include Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and After Effects plus Sketch/Figma, HTML5/CSS3, Wireframing, and Prototyping to perfect graphic designs, websites, and the creation of UI, interactive User Interface. From an industry perspective, Ashley is a natural fit for our agency’s target market. Wellness is something Ashley takes seriously and whether it is keeping her water bottle full or maintaining a positive state-of-being through holistic work-outs, she embodies the XCH focus on healthcare and our core value: Empowered Mindset. 

Capabilities for Ashley Thrasher

Ashley Thrasher, Graphic Designer

Ashley is the creative spark in collaboration with our Creative Directors. She is the liaison for Xavier’s artistic deliverables, providing creative briefs, artistic mock-ups, and a constant flow of images and artscapes to inspire original, innovative designs. Ashley is a graduate of  Georgia State University with a BA in Studio and Fine Arts.

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