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About Us

Xavier Creative House (XCH) is a women-owned and independently managed healthcare marketing agency with a global virtual presence and a Greater Philadelphia home. Every single day, we bring our clients an unrelenting pursuit of possibility powered by unmatched energy, creativity, and a sincere desire to make a transformative difference in the healthcare world.

Founder & CEO

Sunny Beth White is a client services superstar and the cultural backbone of our agency. With a disposition as bright as her name, Sunny makes all of our clients feel at home with her special brand of grace, warmth, and well ... a little bit of sunshine. We can't imagine Xavier Creative House without her.

Check out a few of her thoughts on what it means to be a leader and click here to request she speak or participate in your next event.

Learn how Xavier Creative House's ranking on the Inc. 5000 was a catalyst to Sunny being a featured CEO in The American Entrepreneur.

Evocative Xchange

Introducing the Evocative Xchange, our new podcast with its pilot episode featuring Sunny White.

Xavier Culture

Our culture of collaboration thrives on a chain reaction of positivity…creativity…originality.

Sustainability Commitment

Our world is in our hands. The more effort we put in, the better it will be for everyone.
Our 2050 Sustainability Commitment is:

Look for this symbol to learn how XCH is raising the bar on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Giving Back

Charitable giving and lifting people up is near and dear to our hearts, so we wrote philanthropy into our business plan.