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LOCKING IT DOWN with Director of HR & Finance – Jennifer Blossom


The time has come to formalize our administrative operation functions with a top notch strategic leader in finance, hr, compliance, & legal. Jennifer lives and breathes these critical success factors and we are lucky to have found her at this important time in our business growth cycle.

Sunny White, Founder & CEO, Xavier Creative House

PHILADELPHIA, PA. – March 29, 2021, the Xavier Creative House team welcomes Jennifer Blossom, our Director of HR & Finance, as the keeper of XCH’s policies, procedures, and practices for administrative, human capital, and financial matters. Jennifer, experienced in agile methodology, brings an extensive technical and strategic background to the XCH management team. She is an expert in helping small businesses grow and market themselves in every stage of development and we welcome her leadership to steward XCH through rapid growth. Previously with the Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship, Jennifer was Program Director for the Women’s Business Center, an SBA cooperative organization. Here she developed extensive programming to support entrepreneurs and business owners with gaining access to capital, networking / small business development, and obtaining and leveraging their women-owned small business certifications. With a focus on strategic growth through small business finance and human resources, Jennifer has coached dozens of business owners to master financial management skills and forward the health of the organizations. She is a master of talent acquisition and strategic public relations planning, marketing trends, and how to leverage today’s technologies to grow your business or organization.

A multi-faceted, strategic operations executive, skilled project manager, and seasoned entrepreneur, Jennifer will set the direction for XCH to standardize processes that smoothly execute our operational initiatives and ensure our compliance with legal standards. As a function of our EcoVadis status, Jennifer will standardize our measurement systems across all functions to ensure seamless and accurate record-keeping and tracking. She will apply her wide-ranging expertise to all critical systems to improve efficiencies and economies of scale. Perhaps her most important function at XCH is her impact on people with direction, leadership & motivation to ensure that teams perform to the best of their abilities and deliver consistently. Jennifer will lead our talent intelligence and employee engagement efforts, adding to our culture of collaboration and attracting best-in-class talent to our core team and global bench of strategic and creative contractors.

Jennifer completed an MBA with a focus on Project Management from Capella University and a BS concentrating in Business Management Communications from Amridge University.

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