Does Our New Device Launch Ad Have to Look Like an IFU Cover?

Dear House Rules,

We’ve been marketing medical devices for years, and have run many ads. However, we’re about to launch several new devices, and we’d love to be able to do something unique with our creative to make it stand out. Help?


Want to Shake Up Our Device Advertising

Dear Shake Up: Great insight! Almost every device ad you see, either in print or online, seems to follow the same playbook: show a picture of the device and list its features. Is it any wonder most of those ads would look right at home on the cover of a device’s Instructions For Use?

It’s a given that an image of your device needs to be prominently featured in all of your advertising tactics. However, there are ways to feature that image and leave a memorable impression on the viewer. All you need is the right creative partner, and there’s no reason you can’t rewrite the rules of how striking a device ad can be.

There are some rules, of course, that you never want to change, and they’re the ones that govern your ad’s legality. Always keep the following in mind:

• Always be careful that your device marketing claims don’t trigger new premarketing requirements like and additional clearance or approval based on new promotional claims.

• Rx devices are required to carry a specific caution statement alerting the patient that the device is for use on the order of a physician (or other professional.)

• Under the FDA’s unique device identification (UDI) rules, which were implemented in 2014 for labelers of the highest-risk devices (i.e. Class III), the labels of medical devices must include a serialized UDI number.

• The main code of ethics governing compliance with device labeling requirements is the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals.

Promoting devices can be creative as well as informative. Be sure you’re partnering with an agency with expertise both in understanding the regulatory environment for medical devices and creating groundbreaking creative campaigns. You’ll wind up with a campaign that is 100% in line with your brand strategy and has a “wow” factor too.


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