Media Kits: The At-a-Glance Company Story You Control

Dear House Rules,

What’s a media kit and why do I need one? We already have a website, after all.


Not a public relations firm

Dear Public Relations:

Media kits are one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, and a terrific tool for winning new business. Imagine if, next time you present to a prospective client, you’re able to leave behind not just your business card, but the entire story of your company (in brief, easily digestible content sections, of course!)

What’s in a Media Kit? (1)

That’s really up to you. The phrase “media kit” encompasses everything from a simple one-pager listing key contact information and a brief summary of your company’s successes to an elaborate package of information, static samples, and computer vehicles (such as thumb drives to hold heavier content such as medical animations) left with selected members of your prospect company.
The media kit typically provides, at minimum:
-The company’s official name and logo, plus the names, titles and biographies of its most
important staff
-Information about the company’s history and function
-Photos or reprints of particularly compelling work (pure creative like journal ads, thumbnail pictures of an entire campaign, including both digital and traditional media outlets to demonstrate concept
pull-through, etc.)
-Press releases the company has had written regarding important hires, industry awards,
clients won, etc.

The media kit will also provide complete contact information so that those members of the client’s team in your presentation meeting can follow up when needed.

Media Kit Benefits (2)

There are many benefits to a media kit that set it apart from a website and other advertising tools. Here are just a few:
-Control: if you don’t provide sufficient information about your company, clients can easily come up with their own assumptions about it. A media kit gives you the opportunity to present yourself as you want to be seen. It also gives your audience a detailed description of exactly what you offer, and lets you control the message.
-Flexibility: Trying to win product launch business? Customize your kit with samples of creative you’ve done for other launch brands. Targeting a client who’s headed to an important medical convention? Make sure you include pictures of those convention panels you developed last year! Media kits let you position your company as the expert your client needs to accomplish the task at hand.
-Simplicity: Clients may find a detailed, step-by-step process of how you work to be overwhelming on a website, where they just want to browse different pages. In a media kit for a new client, this explanation is essential.

Xavier Creative House can help your company develop a media kit that will set you apart from your competitors and ensure your clients remember you. We’d love to work with you to develop your stunning, customized media kit today. Sincerely, House Rules

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