Your Picture Tells a Story on the Web. Get the Details Right.

Dear House Rules,

I had a professional headshot taken when my firm was featured in a magazine article. I later tried to use that image on social media but it did not look as sharp. What am I doing wrong when I pull in pictures to my web campaigns and how can I correct that?

Not so Clear on the Web

Dear Clear on the Web,

Your photographer would have provided you with the high-resolution print images to use for your press release. Many people do not realize that a low-resolution digital image is the optimal choice for web postings.  It is always a good idea to ask for both high and low resolution masters when paying for the original images from a photo shoot.  That way you can select the best option at the time you need it.  Here are more tips on getting the most out of your images:

5 Point Checklist for Great Images

  • Follow the requirements for size or pixels before you submit a picture for publication.
  • Make sure the image will be legible in the size in which it will be used.
  • Make sure the color of the image works with the surroundings in which it is being published.
  • Select an image that fits the tone of the piece or publication.
  • Use an image that is up-to-date so people will recognize you.

It is not as easy as it looks

Media outlets have detailed size and clarity requirements. In particular, print media requires that you submit the photograph in the exact size and shape in the space available for printing. If you leave the enlargement or reduction up to someone else, you may end of with a blurry image or a picture cropped in a way you did not expect. For internet postings, the specifications for images can be extremely complicated based on the amount of space available and other pop-up ads that may conflict with what you want your customers to see. We highly recommend working with a professional creative brand agency to make the most of visual marketing for your business.

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