WOW. Now that’s a brand story that drives new business.

Dear House Rules,

I am having great success with my existing client base. Aside from testimonials and business references, how can I use my excellent service record to promote more business?


Service Promotes New Business

Dear New Business,

We consulted our good friend and CEO success writer, Donna Teitelman, to help answer this question and here is what she said…

“Whether you are selling a product or service or promoting your career, storytelling is the best strategy for powerfully enrolling others in your goal. Here is how you make your success stories meaningful to prospective customers.

4 Steps to Being Unforgettable

  1. Think back to your company’s greatest achievements
  2. Identify the qualities that fueled this success
  3. Make a note of anything you can measure in dollars, time, or rankings
  4. Capture the specific outcome of the situation

Time is not a factor in selecting your story if the qualities that enabled your success are part of your company culture. Focus on nailing down the specific reason that your current clients are happy and then use the four steps above to tell the story to a neutral audience. Notice their reaction and then re-craft your story around the points that get their attention the most. I call this a WOW moment and that becomes the crux of the story. Do this for all of your top stories and refine the ones that best represent the qualities you seek to convey. Share your success stories in a blog, website content, case studies, or in conversation when networking or closing a sale.”

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