When to go from broad-based target marketing to focusing on the bullseye.

Dear House Rules,

My accounting business grew quickly the first year but now we have hit a plateau. I hesitate to invest in staffing or infrastructure until I have a clear growth plan. Would expanding my target market increase my client base?

Growth Roadblock


Dear Blocked,

Target marketing has helped you to grow your business so far, but increasing that scope only waters down your brand. To expand your client base, we recommend working your exposure in the opposite direction by further narrowing the audience. This can be accomplished in a number of ways so give some thought as to which of these strategies makes the most sense for your business.

3 Unique Approaches to Grow Your Business by Narrowing Your Market

Become an Expert for a Particular Industry
Promote Yourself Geographically
Create a Minimum Size of Sale

Industry Expert – Rather than blanketing the region with generic services, try specializing your accounting support for a particular industry. Positioning yourself as an expert for your customer’s specific business gives you the marketing edge. You can join industry association groups and market at industry trade shows to increase your client base in this narrow niche.

Geography – Prospect in a defined radius around your existing client base. The visibility and credibility of having an account nearby warms up the lead. Ask your current customers if you can include their testimonial on a branded piece that goes directly to their business neighbors. Follow up with a phone call to ask if you can set up an appointment to meet or send them a price list.

Sale Size – Once you have established a base group of customers, it is time to raise the bar. Try gradually raising the minimum sale size to improve the return on your marketing investment. Just as having the majority of your income from one large client is risky, managing all small accounts can be costly. The way to grow your business is by targeting medium-large sized accounts and lots of them.

For a customized strategic marketing plan and flawless execution, work with a professional design firm.

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