When Campaigns Fail to Convert

Dear House Rules,

I’ve spent tons on marketing campaigns that drove the promised number of visits to my website but no sales. What am I doing wrong? How can I best spend my marketing dollar to create sales?


Failed Campaigns

Dear Failed,
We consulted viral marketing guru, Dave Feinman, to help answer this question and here is what he said…

The average consumer will click a non-optimized ad, hit your website that features multiple products or services, become confused, and unfortunately leave without converting. You are paying hard-earned money for those clicks; it’s about time they start converting into sales. I recommend a landing page to manipulate the traffic better and provide specific value to the given consumer.

4 Benefits of a Landing Page

1. Provides viewers with a single offering.
2. Maximizes traffic coming from paid advertising.
3. Captures contact information from those not ready to buy.
4. Closes more sales by making it easy for the customer to find what they want.

Think of your landing page as your showroom. When walking into a showroom, there are only a few options to view. This is done on purpose to gear the environment towards a user conversion. In order to do this effectively, you must reduce the distractions. If you provide too many options, the consumer will likely become overwhelmed and leave without purchasing. A conversion might be a sale or an entrance to a funnel that leads to a sale. A landing page clearly explains what you are selling in a compelling way. Even if customers are not ready to buy, a landing page enables you to leave an impression, give value, and get an email address so you can continue to connect with that prospect and make them a customer.

Dave Feinman

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