What’s Your Best Pickup Line? Taglines That Get Dates.

Dear House Rules,

What is the purpose of a tagline? I don’t want to create one just because everyone else has one. Can you tell me what a tagline can do for my marketing and if it is a necessary part of my logo lockup?

What’s Your Best Pickup Line? Taglines That Get Dates.

Dear Tag- You’re It!,

If first impressions mean anything in your business, consider your tagline as the welcome mat at the front door. Regardless of company size, customers buy more when they feel an emotional attachment to your brand. The purpose of a tagline is to create a memorable dramatic phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of your service offering. When creating this all important first impression, follow these guidelines.


  1. Keep It Brief – 5 words or less
  2. Target the message for your ideal customer
  3. Use all action words and leave out meaningless fillers (the) (it) (and) (or)
  4. Be memorable, bold and maybe even humorous

Your tagline is an opportunity to get your customer’s attention and keep it. In the days of social selling, a really brilliant tagline can go viral. It may seem like the easiest aspect of your branding to create on your own, but don’t be fooled. A tagline’s potential for making an impact on the customer far outweighs its diminutive size. Have some fun with your team working on this brand-bite or include the tagline on your wish list for assistance from a professional brand marketing firm.

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