What Do Advertising Creatives Do All Day?

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As a pharmaceutical company product director, I reach out to creative agencies on a regular basis. I’ve always been curious how different employees of creative agencies spend their work days. Could you provide some insight?


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You may have an image in your head about what advertising agencies are like from Mad Men, thirtysomething, or even Bewitched (depending on your age.) People may think we spend all day designing and brainstorming in between epic Nerf battles, but in reality we operate much like any other company. To answer your question more specifically, I asked Jenna Devries, our Chief Creative Officer, to tell me more about exactly how she spends a normal work day.

First up, a bit about Jenna: She’s been a member of the staff at Xavier Creative House for 3 years, working her way up from freelance art director to Chief Creative Officer, a position she’s held for a year now. She describes her job in the following way: “I orchestrate the creative teams by hand-selecting talent based on each project’s needs. I develop strategy and execute on creative. I ensure branding is bold, evocative and consistent.”

• Jenna’s average day starts the way most of our days start, regardless of industry – with lots of email answering up front! After she’s taken care of her digital inbox, she delegates the day’s jobs and reviews the previous night’s work. Only then does she get a chance to dig into the creative projects on her plate, which can range from rebranding a website to designing a series of customer emails to developing visual concepts for Xavier’s next big pitch

• The biggest challenge she faces in her job always includes discovering what is best for the brand, which isn’t always easy. Jenna wants to push the creative as far as she can to make the most impactful and empowering branding possible – but she’s always sensitive to the branding requirements of the client and the regulatory requirements of the FDA

• Evolution takes on new meaning as Jenna thinks about her job. “I feel that I have grown alongside the job and we’ve both adapted. Every day we fall a little more in sync together”

• Dedication? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet… Jenna always strives to present the absolute work from the absolute team she can assemble for each project. She is allergic to “settling” with our clients and treats every client like her only client. Plus… she has an actual tattoo of printer marks on her arm

We value every member of our team here at Xavier Creative House, Next time, we’ll feature some background and day-in-the-life info on our intrepid Director of Operations, Bethany Baker. Check our site, contact us via email, phone, or social media, and find out what our dedicated staff can do for you as well.

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