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It was enjoyable – and instructive – to learn about the workload of your Chief Creative Officer in your last post. However, I know there must be people in ad agencies who mostly don’t do the brainstorming, concept development, and client presentations… people who keep the place running. Every business has at least one person (if not an entire department) whose job it is to control the chaos that runs rampant in most creative companies. What’s a day like for one of those employees in your own organization?


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Dear Special Ops,

Meet Bethany Baker. She’s our Director of Operations. In her 2+ years at Xavier Creative House, she’s excelled at managing the overall day-to-day operations at Xavier. She keeps things running smoothly while she helps build our infrastructure for growth.

  • As you might imagine, each of Bethany’s workdays brings unique challenges and requires rapid switching between tasks. One minute, she’s processing invoices, the next she’s developing client estimates, and the rest of the day sees her smoothly go from hopping on a brainstorming call with the creative team (she often participates in the creative process, even though she doesn’t execute on the chosen concept) to working with the accounting team to managing workflow with the creative team to demonstrating a new system to streamline our workflow
  • When asked about her Xavier Creative House experience, Bethany says, “I originally started in a Senior Project Management position, but it was clear that my role was larger than project management alone. As my first year came to a close, I began to move into the operations side of the business, while remaining involved in the project management side.” In the future, she plans to transition fully into Operations. One of the many things she enjoys about the company is the culture: “There’s never a dull moment, and I work with a great team of people!”
  • Xavier has experienced enormous growth since Bethany came on board, and she’s been instrumental in reinforcing our solid foundation as the company grows. Her diverse expertise is a great fit at Xavier because she can help fill the gaps in multiple areas. These include Copywriting, Social Media, Project Management, Media Buying, Editorial and Graphic Design, with different levels of experience in each (but enough to be a valuable pinch-hitter in all of them!)

We value every member of our team here at Xavier Creative House, and we’re glad to have such a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences from which to draw so we can product the best work for our clients. Check our site, contact us via email, phone, or social media, and find out what our dedicated staff can do for you as well.

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