Viral Philanthropy: How To Be A Part Of Crowdsourced Compassion

Dear House Rules,

Congratulations on your #Give1ForLove Campaign. In my case, a little bit, just $1 for each day of the year, went a long way. Please give me an update on the snowball effect of my initial $365 donation. I opted in last week and shared it with my network. I would like to know what has happened since then.


I Gave #Give1ForLove

Dear Gave,

Hooray for you and all of the people in your network who follow your lead. We are thrilled with the results of the #Give1ForLove campaign. Large and small businesses, individuals, and community groups have found this viral philanthropy opportunity attractive and affordable. Here is why people are opting in.

4 Benefits of Viral Giving

  1. Each participant give a modest donation
  2. Everyone gets props on social for giving
  3. Potential customers get a good feeling about your company
  4. The non-profit recipients get great exposure for additional donations

On February 1, 2016, Xavier Creative House launched the #Give1ForLove campaign by donating a total of $365 to seven non-profits and invited our social following to join us. Since then, three more companies have opted in to donate a collective total of1,125 to 6 non-profits. There is still time for you to opt in and let us tell your story of giving on our Facebook page. For just a dollar a day, you can make a difference for yourself and others because “Life gets sweeter when you share it.” For more great business branding ideas, work with a professional design firm.

Sunny Beth White, Founder & CEO

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