Video Marketing Is Hot. Doing It DIY Is Not.

Dear House Rules,

I want to use video to promote my product-centric business.  With all of the DIY options on social media, can I do a good enough job to represent my products and my company? It looks so easy. What actually goes into making a business video?

Should I Do It Myself?

Dear Do-It-Yourselfer,

If you want your video to be professionally branded, I would avoid the DIY approach for this increasingly popular form of marketing. Yes, many solopreneurs and start-ups are blasting content via Instagram, YouTube and the like, but the mark of credibility and sophistication can easily get lost in the rush to join the video marketing craze. Like all promotional strategy, the most important aspect of putting out video content is to ensure it is representative of your market position. That means it should be enveloped in your company image, culture, and values. So if your firm is a 100-year-old bank, the tone would be strong and majestic. If you company is a cutting edge technology innovator then the style would be more dynamic and sharp.  A couple of things to think about before producing your own video, include:

4 Key Components of Professional Business Video

  1. The concept includes selecting from dozens of video styles
  2. Script writing for short productions is a specialty area
  3. Branding your video consistently with the rest of your marketing is crucial
  4. Production quality is a direct reflection on your credibility

The ad-hoc approach is better left for your child’s school project rather than the business you’ve worked so hard to build. And it isn’t necessarily cheaper to do-it-yourself when you consider the cost of diminishing your reputation with a video that presents at a lower or more informal level than your target market is accustomed to for your brand. Seek the advice of a professional design firm to learn more about what makes a video worthy of your product, service or company message.

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