The Value of Planning for Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketers rely on detailed planning to showcase their creative and strategic solutions. To connect the multiple touchpoints of HCPs, patients, the public, and internal corporate marketing contributors, clear strategic direction with seamless communication is needed for sound execution.

ALL IN PREPARATION Smart marketers begin each project by asking questions to determine what problem they are trying to solve and who they need to influence. Beginning with a clear vision helps to provide the focus for each stage of the project. When planning a brand campaign or product launch, consider dedicating significant funds for market research and schedule time to understand the customer journey.

STEP BY STEP PLANNING With all of the moving parts, a written plan is a must. It sets the direction for execution, holds all of the contributors accountable, and provides measurable milestones. The bigger the project, the more important it is to have a written plan and skilled account and project management professionals on the team.

ANTICIPATE CHANGE The best plan is one that prepares for the unexpected. Having a robust change management process enables marketers to manage scope as the project evolves and factors change. An upfront risk assessment can help with scenario planning to be ready for issues that could delay progression or change the direction of the project.

Healthcare marketing requires careful consideration to comply with requirements and effectively reach a diverse audience.  At Xavier Creative House we’ve built expertise in account and project management for clients in regulated industries. XCH knows the rules and how to be bold & evocative while fully adhering to compliance. If you want to stand out in pharma, biotech, or medical device marketing, we are here to help.

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