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From the first printed story in 700 BC to the witty posts of today’s social streams, storytelling has found its place in modern marketing. In the age of visual learning informed by videos, live stream, and TED Talks a good story provides an image in the mind on two fronts. For the teller, the story is specifically detailing their thoughts while the listener is consuming the content through their own experience. This powerful exchange is blanketing the business world and these outcomes prove why great marketers should add storytelling to their brand toolkit.

Promotes Understanding
The best way to understand someone else is to put yourself in their shoes. Imagine doing that in reverse to help the listener step into your world by sharing an engaging tale. The payoff is greater than the effort because a story enables the listener to fully understand your point by compelling them to play your role in their minds.

Evokes Emotion
Empathy is an effective tool because it brings your audience to an emotional reaction. A story that leads the audience to view a situation through a new lens has the power to change their perspective. It is an effective strategy to bring the target market to your way of thinking like we do at Xavier with #WhereHealthcareBrandsLive.

Creates a Memorable Brand
While a customer may fail to quote statistics that demonstrate the merits of your business offering, they can easily recount your brand story. When you make storytelling a part of your marketing, the customer is more likely to think of you when it is time to buy. The most effective brands create a story around their logo and icon. Think about how the Nike swoosh or FedEx arrow embody the personality of those renown companies.

A clever brand storyteller will select words or phrases designed to impact the listener and drive the desired result. At Xavier Creative House, we specialize in bold and evocative stories that bring your brand to life and enable your customers to identify with your purpose.

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