The ROI on Wisdom

Only Sharing Can Measure

If we consider wisdom to be a factor of experience, then age may be one preferred characteristic of a mentor. Research from @aarp shows that more than a third of the US population is over 50. And with that age group expanding, we have more than enough wisdom to cover the next generation with one-to-one mentorship. Consider the impact of pairing the wisest with the most impressionable. Generation Z encompasses 25% of Americans described as teens through recent college grads. In the spirit of paying it forward, we are match-making these two generations to drive a return on wisdom.

What Will it Take?
Today’s youth are known for being less receptive to prescribed adult relationships, so your contribution as a mentor is particularly important. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Present your vocation at the local high school Career Day
  2. Introduce a high school club version of a charitable organization
  3. Staff your company booth at the college career fair
  4. Serve as college liaison for your industry association
  5. Befriend a neighbor, friend, or colleagues’ son or daughter

Give it a Try.
Adopt Xavier’s #WhereHealthcareBrandsLive mentality to embrace the experience of supporting the success of others. Remember, any person who is willing to listen to a young adult has what it takes to be a mentor. There doesn’t have to be a formal process. Just being heard and learning to articulate an issue can be an uplifting experience. When a young person has a relationship with an adult who believes in them, it could make them think twice before engaging in negative behavior. At Xavier Creative House, we believe the ROI on wisdom is determined by how much it is shared. Tell us about your mentoring experience at #returnonwisdom, so we can support a movement in which every adult put being a mentor on their bucket list.

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