The Future of Healthcare is Here

How Will Marketers Pitch it?

Remember what happened to Kodak when disposable cameras hit the market? And, that was just the beginning of how photography transformed based on technology and innovation. Now it is our turn, healthcare marketers, to promote astonishing medical breakthroughs as differentiators for your brand. Here is a sneak peek into a few of the advances in our industry that you might not have seen coming in the near term.  While the issues are familiar, the solutions are transformational when it comes to the way we deliver, predict, avoid, and treat common medical problems. Change is challenging, especially in highly regulated industries, but this is where storytelling shines. #WhereHealthcareBrandsLive. The team at Xavier Creative House can’t wait to promote your brand based on market differentiators like these.

Lose the Ouch

Imagine the utilization rate of injection-based remedies soaring when providers adopt an innovative strategy to encase a microneedle in a coated pill to deliver protein drugs such as insulin. The attraction of this delivery method is powerful for any treatment that requires regular doses such as allergy shots. Think about it practically; given the choice, would you choose to take a prescription orally or by injection?

Predict and Destroy

Epidemics are a threat around the world and artificial intelligence is the perfect tool to reduce their intensity. By monitoring disease-related patterns, the AI forecasting systems can give health authorities a few months of lead time to arrest infectious diseases before they spread. The impact of early intervention will vastly benefit humankind and could modify the need for reactive solutions.

Stop it Before it Starts

Behavioral Health is leading the way as a beneficiary of innovative medical solutions in the area of prevention. The most recent approach to get in front of depression-related mental health conditions is a new vaccine that targets reactions in the body that cause and increase stress.  The medication differentiates between stressors and regular emotions with few side effects and is reducing the impact of PTSD and the disposition of terminally- ill patients.

Take to the Skies

It’s more than Amazon and FedEx that are exploring drones as their latest delivery option. The military has developed drones to deliver medical aid to its field operations.1 And civilian applications abound when a drone can arrive on the scene to a medical emergency in half the time of an ambulance. Minutes count when rushing life-saving medication in an overdose scenario.

Fueled by $180B investment in healthcare R&D, the possibilities for executing healthcare delivery will increase exponentially in the coming decade. With revolutionized healthcare options upon us, marketers must think differently about how to demonstrate brand value. At Xavier Creative House, we are ready with Bold Creative and Evocative Storytelling paired with meaningful technology to capture the attention of your customer and catapult your brand way into the future.


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