Tack. Jib. Sell. Riding the Wave of Social Media like a Pro

Dear House Rules,

I have decided to take the plunge and expand my marketing to social media channels. Which outlets should I use and what are the steps to get started? I hired an intern to assist and I am anxious to begin.

Ready to Fish the Social Seas

Dear Ready to Fish,

There are many advantages to promoting your business with social selling. However, you can also be in grave danger of diluting your brand as you expand marketing efforts into this vast sea of options. Do you remember how much time and money you spent designing your website? Your debut on social media is just as complex and important. Sure, the average intern has grown up with Facebook and Instagram but does that qualify them to present your brand to the world? Social selling introduces your company to a universal audience. Proceed with caution is our best advice and bring your top people to the table to discuss and strategize the following steps before embarking on the social seas:

Answer these questions about Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and more, before selling socially:

  1. What percentage of buyers in your target market frequents this social media outlet?
  2. How are your competitors presenting their service offering on this media outlet?
  3. Does this platform share the values and climate you promote in your company mission?
  4. Do you have the designs to illustrate your brand as distinctly on this platform as you do on your website or other marketing campaigns?

Once you determine which outlets speak to customers in your market segment, take the most professional approach possible to design your landing page and media campaigns. Save the intern for sending out invitations or forwarding E-blasts and leave the selection and set-up to the professionals. To keep your brand afloat while navigating these new marketing waters, seek the assistance of a professional marketing design company.

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