Is There Still a Place for Long-form Content?

Dear House Rules,

My company manufactures a medication for a complicated disorder, and we have a pretty involved story to tell. How do we best do that in a world where short bursts of information seem to be the only way to get attention?


Can’t Fit It All in a Tweet

Dear Twitter Blues,

While it’s important to present your product in a memorable way, remember that all physicians are scientists too. Sure, you need to cut through the marketing clutter, but in the end, content always wins. Clinicians want to know how a drug works, what its dosing is, what the adverse events and drug-drug interactions are, what the data says.

Help physicians understand how your product can help them as they weigh therapeutic options. This detailed information not only builds your credibility, it can move HCPs from “informed” to “influenced.” Check out these long-form communication methods that have been proven to be successful:

  • Video: Video is an extremely effective way to present clinical data, KOL interviews, and other educational content to your target audience. In fact, the most recent research on HCP education demonstrates that for learning about a new drug, HCPs are twice as likely to watch an online video today as they were just 5 years ago.
  • Whitepapers: For a much deeper engagement with physicians, companies can (and should) produce a series of whitepapers. The topics could be anything conducive to this more clinical format: disease treatment options over time, an in-depth interview with a leading researcher, a detailed review of a recent scientific paper in a peer-reviewed journal about the drug being promoted. Whitepapers are easy to convert to a digital format (a “Product X Resource Library” on the Product X website, for example) and position a company as a thought leader.
  • Interactive Graphics: Perhaps your product has an especially complicated MOA story, in which you’d like to highlight a cross-section of a cell and identify each component’s role in the therapeutic process. Perhaps the condition your product treats can manifest itself in many different parts of the body. Those are just two examples of the almost limitless uses for the immersive, interactive graphics made possible by the increasingly digital landscape of pharma.

Produce a healthy mix of maximum-impact short-form tactics and meatier ones that add real value. Bottom line? You can’t do a deep dive in 140 characters.

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