Staying One Social Step Ahead of Your Quickest Customers

Dear House Rules,

My customer base is extremely active in market research and their proficiency pushes the industry to new levels. We have multiple feedback streams through social media producing constant feedback. How much time I should spend going through the data to with the evolving customer knowledge and desires?

Outrun by Customer

Dear Outrun,

This could be one of those times when the answer is right in front of you. The key is in your ability to receive, respect and react to customer needs. Agile marketers win customer loyalty, at least for the moment, by adjusting the promotional focus based on opportunities created by customer preferences and buying behavior. If you want to keep up with your customer, you can’t begin with these steps.

4 Easy Steps to Be Agile
  • Automate your data collection to get control over the data
  • Expect buying trends to change and incorporate flexibility into your strategy
  • Be ready to act after reading and analyzing customer feedback
  • Don’t give up; expect to take a multitude of steps to reach the customer ideal.

Modeling customer behavior means being present to the customer’s world. You have to be able to react quickly to put the customer first so they feel connected to you. That relatedness signals a buying response. This type of responsiveness requires that you put flexibility in front of the plan or built into the plan. For marketing that makes the customer the central theme of the effort, work with a professional creative agency.

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