Here to Stay: Using the Affordable Care Act to Help Build Your Brand

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People have been talking about “the changing healthcare landscape” for years, but with the Affordable Care Act, things have really changed. How can I leverage this young legislation to help me get my message across?


Regarding the Law of the Land

At first glance, it may seem like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a boon to pharmaceutical companies. After all, don’t more patients equal more prescriptions? The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no, and it’s vital that successful pharmaceutical marketers understand those nuances.

Nick Colucci is the CEO of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group. When the ACA was first ratified, he helped explain its impact on healthcare communications. We’re honored to share some of his insights here:

  • For HCPs, say it fast: The numbers are clear. With more patients having access to medical coverage, there will continue to be a significant shortage of primary care physicians. In the face of crowded waiting rooms and 5-minute appointments, clinicians are more in need than ever of easy-to-digest marketing materials that clearly distinguish brands. This frenzied, time-crunched environment is also an opportunity for marketers to develop tools and alternative communications media to simplify the process of understanding a product (especially in a new category) or service. “The key,” Colucci says, “Is to help clinicians assess the best solution to meet their patients’ needs.” Make sure your brand is there.
  • For consumers, explain it well: As much as clinicians need topline communications, for patients—especially those who may be new to the healthcare system—it’s crucial to explain medical conditions and treatment options in detail. Patients need, and in many cases, demand, as much information as possible. Millions of Americans have begun to identify the services and brands that are most important to their health. Make sure your brand is there.

Colucci continues, “The ACA will continue to evolve, and the public will continue to adapt. Marketers and agencies have a significant opportunity to educate newcomers to the healthcare system and align themselves as a partner on the wellness journey.”

The bottom line? With the ACA, healthcare has become more patient-centric that ever before. Make sure you’re partnering with an agency who can help you deliver the right message to the right audience in the right way.

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