Specialty Pharmacies: Much More Than Filling Complex Prescriptions

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We’re always looking for new communication opportunities, and lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about specialty pharmacies. Why is this segment so important?


What’s so special about specialty pharmacies?

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Specialty pharmacy is a growing channel for biologics and other specialty medications (therapies that cost over the “$600 for a 30-day supply” threshold determined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to be placed on the specialty tier). One reason for this is that a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that spending on specialty medications has tripled since 2003, even though it accounts for just 2% of US annual pharmaceutical sales.

Engaging with specialty pharmacies provides a real opportunity to improve patient outcomes. At the same time, engaging with prescribers about specialty pharmacies and their services (by utilizing the right channels, timing, and messaging) can impact patients and improve their medication adherence.

Physicians want to help their patients, to offer them real solutions to real problems—especially problems they themselves cannot solve. In a recent survey, HCPs were asked whether their use of a specialty pharmacy would significantly increase if they knew more about the services that specialty pharmacy offered that their patients could use. More than 80% of prescribers indicated that their support would increase for specialty pharmacies offering strong assistance in the following areas:

  • Sourcing financial aid
  • Navigating eligibility and reimbursement information
  • Ongoing medication counseling
  • Communication of patient-reported medication issues

Prescribers want to know more about the specific services that specialty pharmacies can offer. In past research, they’ve expressed a preference for receiving education about these services outside the patient consultation—for example, through email. HCPs are looking for education on the service levels that specialty pharmacies deliver, details about patient satisfaction, medication adherence results, and other elements that matter to them and their patients.

Now more than ever, providing information on specialty pharmacy services is key.

It’s always important to partner with a trusted agency who can help you develop your strategy and execute your tactics. Xavier Creative House would welcome the opportunity to discuss this emerging market with your brand team.

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