Social Media Engagement: Are You Doing It Right?

Dear House Rules,

Does “Build it and they will come,” apply in social media marketing?  I spent the time and energy to get my Facebook page up and running, but there have been few measurable sales results.  Is this normal?  What should I expect from my digital marketing exploits?


Done With Digital

Dear Done,

Social Media can have a real impact on your business. Add that to a coordinated and effective sales approach and you can set goals for specific results.  Different social media outlets have criteria for how to put together content to a community. On top of that each platform has unique methods of promotion. Each platform has “rules” that marketers must follow to get the most out of them.  We checked in with Founder of Viral Ideas Marketing Dave Feinman for some tips on how to best market on social media.

“It’s not enough to just put out content and expect it to spread.  You need to constantly be engaging with your community and providing them value when the communicate with you. Here’s some quick and free tools to increase engagement on social media.

  1. Twitter Advanced Search: Utilize twitter advanced search to locate relevant conversations and engage.
  2. Instagram: Locate and comment on photos that are in your industry.
  3. Facebook: Ask industry news pages to post your blog articles.


Social media is a specialty area worth exploring for brands since people spend an immense amount of time on it. Consumers spent a disproportionate amount on their phones and social platforms allow brands to zero in on a relevant target audience. “

If you want to stay current and keep your brand on the cutting edge, zero in on your social media strategy and stay relevant to the platforms that you market on.

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