Social Marketing Must–maintain Brand Consistency

Dear House Rules,

I just hired an employee to do my social media. She brought a fresh look and feel to my brand and has done a good job of building our presence on multiple social channels. The only problem is that her style is so different from our previous marketing output, I am afraid people will not recognize us. Is this a problem?

Fresh Social Image

Dear Fresh,

Consistency across all platforms is vital to creating brand awareness and loyalty. There are many ways to achieve this and it is an absolute must for your social media campaigns. Start by identifying themes in your brand that easily translate to any medium. Insist that the following branding staples be prominently displayed in your social media profiles and posts.

6 Threads to Tie Together Your Brand

  1. Color
  2. Logo
  3. Icon
  4. Tagline
  5. Link to Website
  6. Core Values


Beginning with your social media profile, make a significant effort to display your brand in a similar way as you do on collateral such as letterhead and business cards. Pull through a common theme using company colors, logo, icon and tagline. You may incorporate these branding anchors with content or images.

From Post to Website

Give your viewers a reason to click-back through your website, which is the ultimate presentation of your brand. Social is a great place to offer promotions and a call to action to entice repeat and new business. Include a link for readers to select in your post or blog that directs them to a specific page on your website that applies to same topic. Collect their contact information for follow up on the offer and other future marketing efforts.

Core Values

School your social media guru on your corporate commitment to customer satisfaction, the community and your employees. Promote these ideals in campaigns, posts and outreach to remind current and potential clients of your strong brand and core values. Presenting a consistent identity is an emotional reinforcement of your brand.

To make the most of your branding effort, hire a professional brand design firm.

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