Rising Strong

On the Come Back with a Wellness Culture

In the book Rising Strong, social scientist Brené Brown identifies a process for individuals to reset and stay positive in the face of adversity. Businesses looking at how to regroup, as the nation copes with the new normal, can benefit from this approach. Get creative with a company culture that supports employee engagement. To position your company for success, consider adopting a wellness culture with the following characteristics.

Key Components of a Wellness Culture

  1. Intentional Positivity
  2. Mindful Discourse
  3. Purposeful Imperfection
  4. Inclusive Team Activities
  5. Synergistic Mind-Body-Spirit

People are complex, so it is crucial to consider the whole being when contemplating what type of environment will help a team acclimate and adapt to a changing business climate.

Positivity Humans are programmed to question. It is instinctual to worry about what could happen and to feel vulnerable. Companies that incorporate positivity into the core values, vision, and mission are more likely to foster a culture in which employees feel free to share ideas and take on challenging assignments. Our core value, “Harness the Magic,” addresses this at XCH. Affirmation is empowering and a great start to building a wellness culture.

Discourse Building specific times for collaborative interaction into the business schedule enables employees to practice constructive dialogue. We promote this with our core value, “Provide Respect & Candor.” The more interactive the team is, the better prepared they are to engage in productive discussions. Try theming a regular meeting for participants to disclose an achievement from that week (XCH calls this the WIN meeting) or a monthly celebration of completed projects. The goal is to create a familiarity that primes relationships for collaboration.

Purposeful Imperfection Redefining success on an individual basis is a great way to capitalize on the potential of a diverse workforce. If employees are concerned about fitting in or carefully following the organizational rules or norms, then there is little chance for creativity, risk-taking, or developmental growth. The best way to achieve results is to allow for many paths to reach completion. Having multiple solutions to a challenge disrupts group think, encourages creativity, and ensures that people feel valued. This concept is personified in our core value, “Be Bold & Evocative!” 

Team Activities Planning non-project related team activities is another touchpoint that can elevate the outlook of the staff. XCH hosted an improv evening with skits from a comedic group out of Chicago. Based on the diversity of the team, a social event will impact each person differently. Listening to the team about what is important to them is what ensures that everyone feels included. The goal is to create opportunities for employees to view each other through a different lens. The better the team gets to know each other, the more prepared they will be to work together through challenging times.

Mind-Body-Spirit Embracing the whole being is an effective strategy to empower employees and maximize creativity and performance. When there is a balance in how a company supports the well-being of the staff, it creates a bond that leads to increased discretionary effort. This spring, XCH brought a Director of Wellness on board to address the whole person when considering the needs of our team. We designed robust programming to include the needs identified by our staff. The feedback has been very positive.

At Xavier Creative House, we believe in a chain reaction of positivity, creativity, and originality. It emanates from our core value, “Empower Your Mindset!” We strive to inspire our extended network with our new podcast, The Evocative Exchange. Listen to this September’s episode featuring our new Wellness Director, Stacey Timbo. Let’s bring a powerful close to 2020 by giving employees the support they need to become a highly accomplished team.

Reference: Brené Brown Rising Strong: How the Ability to Reset Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

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