Remote Working: The Surprising Benefits

Dear House Rules,

Should my agency try a virtual model? I’ve always assumed it would decrease productivity, but I see more and more agencies trying it out. What’s your opinion?


The no-office office?

Dear Office:

Technology has made it possible for almost all functions to be performed from virtual locations, especially in the agency world. Tools such as “the cloud” for secure data storage, various file transfer protocols for sharing very large files, and web- and teleconferencing enable people from across the country – and, indeed, the globe – to collaborate. In fact, in the agency world, the only time a specific location is mandated is when executive-level personnel present to the client. Our own agency is almost 100% virtual, and while not all companies can support that cultural shift (especially the larger ones), the trend towards remote working can’t be ignored. Here are just some of the many benefits:

Lower Overhead

Not having an office helps cut companies’ operating costs, and they can invest that savings back in employees and clients. In addition, the savings realized from not having a physical office location makes it easier for companies to pay for its employees to gather in a single location once or twice annually for training, team-building, and generally enhancing camaraderie. Other potential uses for the money saved are improved computer systems, enhanced data storage and security, and other tech-related items.

Increased Productivity, Accessibility for Employees

The virtual-office model is general more family-friendly, as it allows employees to fit their work in around caretaking obligations. Agencies have begun to embrace this new model, with some going completely virtual, and others trying out the model in various permutations (a certain percentage of employees working remotely, every employee being allowed to work remotely for a prescribed number of days, etc.)

In order to guarantee productivity, there is training specifically geared to working remotely that employees can undergo. For example, the Goodway Group, a media planning agency, has embraced the virtual-office model, and sets it employees up for success.1 During the first six weeks, new hires have no accounts, but rather must take Online Trading Academy courses that entail 16 hours of content.1 After that, an in-house department offers those new employees virtual training in sales, management and trading, explains COO Jay Friedman.1 “We have our own training software to mimic the movements to run a real campaign,” he said. “After six weeks, you pair with an experienced colleague.”1

Improved Morale

If you live in an area with four seasons, send a group email to your employees during the next snowstorm encouraging them to stay safe and off the roads, take a break to go play in the snow, and enjoy not having to commute to get work done. Send little thank-you items on holidays that enhance the work-from-home experience (for example, a coffee-shop gift card with a message to “enjoy a latte on us while you finish up that project.”) You’ll find that employees who are happy and well-treated are much more apt to work harder and longer to turn in the best possible work. In short, everybody wins.

Limitless Potential for Growth

To date, remote working has been mainly an area explored by smaller companies, but larger agencies are finding that it can be a great fit as well, and allow for the sudden expansions often required by new business. Agencies such as Razorfish and Young & Rubicam are beginning to experiment with the virtual model, albeit in a more limited fashion so far.1

Xavier Creative House takes the savings it realizes from employing an entirely remote workforce and passes those savings on to clients in the form of lower vendor costs, lower operating costs, and fewer expenses overall. Reach out to us today to find out how your agency can do the same – and how we might be able to partner with you for future business.


Reference: 1. http://digiday.com/agencies/programmatic-agency-lets-employees-work-from-home/. Accessed February 19, 2017.

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