Programmatic vs Content Marketing: Are you Authentically Connecting with Patients?

We know that the algorithms and the math behind programmatic advertising in the healthcare space have created a quick and inexpensive way to influence patients. It allows advertisers to target the right people at the right time and pay only for the ads that are seen.  However, for an even bigger return, fresh content marketing should also be an integral part of your plan. Where programmatic advertising reaches patients physically, content marketing establishes an emotional connection. Together they can increase your marketing return.

The Importance of Connecting  

Imagine a patient who has just received a cancer diagnosis and needs information about a new cancer treatment.  Programmatic advertising offers the power of physical access 24/7 while content marketing may appeal to their symptoms and emotions that day. It may also offer data they need to make the critical decisions.  Depending upon the timing of the contact, both strategies have the power to assist a patient in a powerful way.

Work Smarter

In today’s digitally connected world, the options to reach people with marketing messages are limitless. As a result, it has become even more important for healthcare marketing teams to make smarter decisions about when and how to use the tools available to them.

The Result

When we incorporate both strategies for our clients, we see higher click-throughs, redemptions and ROI. As an industry that promotes patient-centered advertising, it is important to remember that patients are more than just a factor in an equation, they are human. To connect with them in both ways is a privilege and an honor. At Xavier Creative House, that is what we do efficiently and effectively, every day.


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