Patients: Never Forget the Real Audience

Dear House Rules,

I’m not just a pharma marketer, I’m also a patient, so whenever I go to the doctor’s office, I take note of the marketing opportunities. It doesn’t seem like the tactics have changed, but I know the patients have. We’re all so much more tech-savvy, for one thing. How can my company leverage this, aside from the standard consumer website?


Another Patient Brochure? Really?

Dear Really,

Pharma companies can do so much better at actively engaging patients, and the numbers back it up. For one thing, about $188 billion in lost revenue is attributed to medication nonadherence each year. It’s time to reverse this trend and recognize that the patient is a consumer and expects the same service and experience as in any other service industry. Bottom line: patients are educated consumers, and if they don’t believe it, if it doesn’t speak to them, they won’t act on it.

First off, companies need to identify, analyze and correct missteps in patient education so they can provide a better experience for the patient, physician, and caregiver. From the websites patients visit at home to research their condition before their visit to the kiosks in the clinician’s front office to specialty programming on the waiting room television to the tablet physicians use in the exam room, opportunities abound to maximize learning opportunities.

A custom experience for the HCP, patient, and caregiver promotes awareness, increases usage by healthcare professionals and prompts action from the patient. What is even more amazing is that patients are asking for that custom experience! About 75% of consumers expect drug companies to provide information and services that help them manage their own health, and 64% are willing to provide personal information to get free, relevant content.

More than ever, it’s important to listen, reflect and analyze for the future. Traditional marketing strategies will always have a place at the table, but there is great value in understanding patients as consumers and providing them with the custom educational experience they’re seeking. Partnering with an agency that excels in both creative execution and forward-thinking strategy can be your ace in the hole when you’re developing a campaign.

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