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Today is the second annual National Working Moms Day and the perfect time to share how much we appreciate what moms do. While all working parents have our gratitude, working moms seem inclined to wear many hats, such as chef, tutor, EMT, and car service, to name a few. To create a support network, a group of Milwaukee moms banded together in 2017 to align working moms across their community. Aptly timed during Women’s History Month and sharing the spotlight with International Women’s Day, Working Moms Day gained national attention and adoption with the help of viral social media.

Anyone can celebrate Working Moms Day. Here are some ideas:

  • Reach out to working moms with a virtual coffee and say “thank you”
  • Connect with working moms at live or online events
  • Support a group that addresses the needs of working moms in your community
  • Encourage working moms to post about a memorable challenge victory this year

We hope this inspires you to give working moms and dads in your network a high five today and ask how their employer supports working parents. XCH is committed to creating a healthy employee culture as a sustainable business. To celebrate National Working Moms Day, we asked our team members to share memorable moments:

“As a working mom for most of my children’s lives, I wondered what the impact of my being an entrepreneur, working from home, or taking the kids to work with me would be. Now that they are mostly grown, I can see their drive for excellence, each focused on balancing home and work life.

My oldest, now 26, wrote me a letter thanking me for specific life lessons he learned while watching me work and for the sacrifices I made to raise him and his siblings. It meant a lot.

Seeing my children succeed is fantastic—and now, even better, they get to cheer mom on too. That’s pretty awesome!”



“For me, the best part about being a working Mom is that I’m part of a company that not only tolerates but celebrates my needs as one. Because of this, I have so many memorable moments—from attending morning Halloween parades and winter concerts to picking up my son at the bus stop every afternoon.”



“My family is a priority in my life, and to balance home and work I focus on #momentsthatmatter. Whether the occasion is a big one like my commitment to be at every one of my sons’ hockey games or taking the time to help one of them study for a test at 7 a.m., I love watching them grow and thrive as leaders.

One of my favorite examples is when my son stepped up to give a pep talk to his teammates before a big game. He had just seen ‘Miracle on Ice’ and realized it was up to each person to bring their best to the team.

Both of my sons inspire me to live a life of consistent positivity—leaving each day a little better than I found it.”



“As a mom, I value every moment with my family and love taking pictures. There is that element of trying to take the picture and still be in it. #selfie. It’s symbolic of how it can feel to be a working mom.

Luckily I have the flexibility to balance my day, so I can be on the sidelines watching my son make his first touchdown. The look on his face when he spotted me there cheering was priceless.”



Thank you to each of our working moms and employees who are taking care of family members. To learn more about Xavier Creative House’s sustainable action, the brands we work with, and our values, follow XCH on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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