How Medical Animation Livens Up Marketing Messages

Dear House Rules,

Our pharma company markets a product in a large and crowded category. We’ve developed a fine website, comprehensive eDetails to reach no-show doctors, an efficient tablet presentation for our reps to use when they do see doctors, and plenty of patient brochures and other materials. The usual – and that’s the problem. How can we stand out from our competitors? 


Solid strategy… but tired tactics

Dear Tired Tactics:

Everyone knows that old saying: “a picture is worth a 1,000 words.” Pharma marketers especially know it to be true, as a medical illustration can explain concepts that the best rep or most well-written copy never could. Well, medical animation (especially the 3D variety) is like illustration multiplied by 1,000.  

 Chalk up another win for technology 

The 3D medical animations of today use state-of-the-art computer graphics to convey physiological, surgical, and other topics with truly dazzling clarity and detail. These dynamic animations are a vast improvement on prior 2D medical animations — which use a series of drawings that give the illusion of movement from only one perspective at a time. Instead, lifelike 3D animations?can quickly convey complex, often-challenging information from any chosen viewpoint. In fact, 3D medical animation has become an indispensable tool – for medical students learning about a complex anatomical system, for clinicians explaining a condition to patients, and for pharma companies seeking to utilize the most sophisticated tactics. 1 

 3D Animation Showcases Emerging Medical Technology 

Another advantage of 3D medical animation is that it can be the best way by far to illustrate a process that cannot be replicated through live action or any traditional forms of media. If your drug, medical and scientific research is in its infancy stage, chances are it has limited availability of references and visual resources – and that provides a significant barrier to crafting accurate messaging for your audience. 2 

 This is where 3D medical animation can help you stand out. Not only does it convey existing science, but it can also show an idea at its development stage, often resulting in the fruition of an actual drug or scientific discovery. The meeting of minds between scientists and 3D medical artists produces accurate and beautiful visual story-telling; grabbing the attention of viewers and capturing their imagination.2 Isn’t that just what you’d like to do? 

 For companies like yours, who are looking to explore this exciting visual tactic and how it can increase the efficacy of their marketing strategies, Xavier Creative House can help.  We are fortunate to have numerous talented designers, art directors, and computer programmers either on-staff or on-call. In the past, they’ve used their talents to bring to life messages about disease states like allergy/asthma and chronic myelogenous leukemia, to name just a few. We’d love to partner with you as you work to incorporate medical animations into your marketing mix.  


House Rules 

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