Medical Animation: Bringing Complex Concepts to Life

Dear House Rules,

Why should I have a medical animation ready for investor meetings?


Isn’t a Regular Presentation Enough?

Dear Enough:

Medical animations are key to raising capital for your business. If potential investors see that your firm has the resources to produce a compelling video of, for example, platelets being blocked by plaque in the arteries, it sends their confidence through the roof.

“They Invested in Them—So Should We”

Remember that old saying? “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” When investors see that you value your business enough to invest in 3D animation, they are much more likely to view you as a company worth supporting. Medical animation videos can be very costly, but agencies like Xavier Creative House can have them produced at a fraction of the cost.

“I Can’t Believe They Actually Made Parkinson’s Disease Understandable”

Let’s face it: for the uninitiated, biotech, pharmaceutical, and device concepts are tough to grasp. Basic medical science is tough to grasp. In recent years, people have become accustomed to consuming large amounts of content in dynamic form, whereas before they turned to more traditional forms of media. The pharma, biotech, and medical device industries have each capitalized on the benefits of 3D animation and dynamic content. Increasingly, companies – even start-ups – recognize that 3D medical animation can truly deliver an educational experience while providing an engaging one too, no matter how challenging the subject. Bottom line: the advantages of displaying your comfort level with the science behind the animations you present can’t be overstated.

The Wow Factor

Brilliant illustration… exciting colors… movement that draws the viewer in and compels her to follow it… even the optimal audio, whether it be music, narration, or both – all of these combine to create the Wow Factor. With a beautifully produced 3D medical animation as part of your capabilities presentation, you’re forcing potential investors to sit up and take notice. It’s a virtual certainty that yours is a presentation they won’t soon forget! Look at it from their point of view: they spend much of their time in pitch meetings with agencies wooing them. Isn’t there bound to be a certain “seen it all before” ennui that sets in eventually? With a stellar medical animation, however, your company can stand apart from all the others and really leave an outstanding impression.

So your standard, regular capabilities presentation – boards, a deck that you project from your laptop in a conference room – is all well and good, but remember that the investors have likely sat through that same type of presentation dozens of times before. Medical animation allows you to rise above your competitors… to stick in potential investors’ minds… to shine.

Xavier Creative House works with several medical animation firms and has a pool of talented animators available work on many types of projects. Partner with us to upgrade your capabilities presentation before your next important investors’ meeting!

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