Marketing Mental Health a top Seller for 2021

While the nation breathes a sigh of relief as vaccinations become available for walk-ins and the infection rate levels out, mental health remains a pressing concern. Traditionally, physicians have been the first point of contact for patients who are navigating a mental health concern. But now, virtual options are becoming more prevalent. Facilitated by the need to consume healthcare virtually during social distancing, options for mental health via the web are utilizing smart user interfaces and digital channels to expand access. Some trailblazers in this approach include celebrity influencers such as Michael Phelps and Demi Lovado.

Michael Phelps who shared his personal journey with mental health struggles in The Weight of Gold advocates for people to seek help at the first signs of mental stress. Phelps recommends,

Open up, talk to your friends, your family, your teammates. And work with a professional therapist.” His partnership with Talkspace Online Therapy promotes convenient, affordable, and confidential therapy with tools such as unlimited text, audio, picture, and video messages to a therapist from a web browser or mobile app.

Demi Lovado has long been open about her mental health struggles. Her new docuseries, “Dancing With the Devil,” offers a no-holds-barred account of her fight with addiction, the relapse that led to her near-fatal overdose, and how the pop star deals with daily struggles. Lovado calls therapy,

“a safe space to talk through my past and my present.”  She encourages people to show up for themselves by doing the work.

The promotion of digital healthcare delivery is a necessary pivot for healthcare marketers. At Xavier Creative House, we utilize digital marketing to deliver creative and strategic healthcare solutions that reach HCPs, patients, and consumers where there are. Our Bold & Evocative solutions are tailored to the digital space for a perfect fit with the new virtual challenges of healthcare marketers.

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