How to Market to Generation Z

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As our company looks toward the future, we are looking for ways to market to younger consumers. What is the best strategy for marketing to Generation Z and how do they differ from other demographics?


Is Gen Z For Me?

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This is an excellent question. Generation Z is expected to account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. As the oldest members of their generation begin heading off to college or into the workforce, it is the perfect time to engage with them.

Even the youngest members of Gen Z can offer a huge boon to your business. They are a generation that has grown up with the Internet. As a result, they are incredibly tech savvy and are often the person older family members turn to when looking for help researching products. In fact, in a recent survey, 93% of families said their children and teens have at least some influence on their household purchases and overall spending.

However, connecting with Generation Z can be tricky. They look for products they feel a connection with or that they find relevant to their everyday lives. Researchers have found they often lack brand loyalty. To get through to them, you must:

  • Make a big impact, quickly: Growing up with the Internet has given Gen Z short attention spans. Their cursors are hovering over that “Skip Ad” button on YouTube or waiting to click through to the next video. You have 6 – 8 seconds to grab their attention before they move on to something else. Make sure you make those precious seconds count.
  • Embrace social media: Generation Z spends the majority of their time online. Studies have found they watch more online videos than television. Getting your message onto their phone or computer screens is the best way to ensure they see it. Partnering with social media influencers is a great way to get their attention.
  • Be authentic: They would rather see “real people” than celebrities. They also are suspicious of outsiders invading their spaces. It’s not enough to simply reach out to them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make it clear you speak their language. Something as simple as using clever hashtags or animated gifs when posting on Twitter can show that you understand Internet culture.
  • Get them engaged: They aren’t passive consumers. They don’t simply want to sit back and watch your advertisement. Generation Z prefers interactivity and collaboration. Find ways to get them involved. They are interested in video games and virtual reality. Giving them a task to do or making them feel like advocates for your brand can yield big results. Consider having them share their stories with you or running an online contest.

This is the ideal time to introduce your brand to Generation Z. By following the above guidelines, you can reap huge rewards. Xavier Creative House would welcome the opportunity to discuss how to help you connect with Generation Z.

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