Making a Wise Investment in a Lasting, Legitimate Logo

Dear House Rules,

I made my company logo on an impulse. At the time, it felt like creative genius but I realize after a few years in business that it is not doing anything to promote my company. What makes a one logo more appropriate than another? Can you help me determine if my logo is the right one or if I need to replace it?

Logo Broke

Dear Broke,

With a limited marketing budget, it is important to prioritize spending to address issues that will improve your company’s visibility, credibility, leads, sales and profitability. If you think your logo is lacking then I would agree it is time to check it out with some professional assistance. Before you do, give your logo this viability check.

5 Logo Musts

  • Do you customers recognize your business just by seeing your logo?
  • Does your logo tell the story of your business offering or of your company?
  • Does your logo evoke a desired reaction from your target market?
  • Does the color of your logo consistent with the rest of your marketing materials?
  • Is your logo legible in any size?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you may want to consider a redesign of your logo. But don’t go it alone, branding your business is a team effort. Gather the troops and begin with a thorough review of your competition and preferences of your target market. Ensuring your logo is unique and memorable is step one. Next, make sure your logo is clear and will be meaningful for years to come. It should align with the colors you use to brand your company and create trust with your target market. The logo is one of the most important aspects of your company image. Work with a professional brand design firm if you want to make the most of this branding opportunity.

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