Make My Day-An Inspiring Morning Practice

Imagine beginning every morning by manifesting something positive. This can be achieved with a daily affirmation (a declaration of a goal as if it has been accomplished.) Consider this a great start to each day. From the moment you wake up, pay attention to thoughts that come flooding into your conscious mind representing all you expect to come your way. To use this rush of reflections to your advantage, introduce a word that would best prepare you to drive your day forward.

Words are a powerful way to express competence, characteristics, and values. Identifying a single inspired thought as you awake can enhance your life by leading to positive actions. How would your day be different if you called upon appreciation, awareness, empathy, resilience, or curiosity as the catalyst to spring out of bed?  Think of the effect on the workplace if everyone was adopting a positive intention. Be the first to give this a try. Here’s how.

Transforming a Word Into Inspiration

Using the word curiosity as an example, identify a slew of affirmations that include that word. The trick is to keep the thought stream moving by positioning the word in a new place in a series of sentences until you run out of ideas.

  1. Curiosity keeps my brain active and hungry for new points of view.
  2. With curiosity, I always have room to grow.
  3. I recognize curiosity as a path that leads me to continuous learning.
  4. The concept of curiosity brings a fresh perspective to my work.
  5. My peers appreciate my curiosity when I use it to give them a platform to share their ideas.
  6. My soundest strategy is employing curiosity to discover innovative solutions for chronic concerns.

Putting on a Fresh Lens

It is all about letting your words lead the way. Record one of the sentences on an index card and review it on several occasions to keep you in the game of being curious. Notice the impact on your persona as the concept of curiosity manifests during the day. Play around with this idea at work. Try sharing outcomes at a weekly meeting, offering a word to a co-worker to adopt, or using the word with a project team. Consider this an opportunity to embrace exciting new avenues for growth and success in your career. The possibilities are as endless as the number of words you adopt.

At Xavier Creative House, our most engaging words are Respect, Candor, Bold, Evocative, Passionate, Focused, Empowered, Creative, and Innovative. These words are in our Core Values that we follow to create a culture of accomplishment. Our team seeks inspiration every day and affirmations are one way we stimulate creativity to create original creative solutions.

If you need some inspiration to jump start your marketing, seek us out for a complimentary consultation.

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