Made Your Mark in This World? Now Protect It.

Dear House Rules,

My start-up has enjoyed a successful launch with steady, if not rapid growth over the past year and a half. Our team has come up with some excellent concepts and keywords which describe our unique service. At what point would you suggest we trademark our original product names and images? Is this a good investment of our time and money?

Securing our Inventive Business Concepts


Dear Inventive Concepts,

As your business gains traction and notoriety, the symbols that depict your success are vulnerable to copycats and competitors. We would highly recommend you seek the advice of a trademark specialist or attorney to protect your intellectual property. Once someone else coins your phrase or image, it will be too late and the costs could be insurmountable.

5 Brand Concepts You May Want to Trademark

  1. Company Name
  2. Tagline, Motto or Slogan
  3. Icon with original artwork
  4. Logo with original artwork
  5. Product Names with made-up words or original language

Consulting fees and legal expense are predictable start-up costs and should be included in your annual budget. Consider the investment in trademarking your core concepts as a critical input to your business plan and expense projections in the first three years of your business. If you would like personal assistance in identifying which trademarks make the most sense for your business, consider working with an expert branding company.

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