Live Your Bucket List Every Day

What Creatives Do to Stay Inspired

One of the most personal and exciting collections of inspirational ideas a person can create is their bucket list. Because execution is pushed to a later time in life, most people think bigger than usual. Many bucket list items involve travel, culture, change or even extreme challenge. We say why wait for all that inspiration when you can bring some version of your one day, dream of a lifetime goals into your weekly schedule. In other words disrupt your normal work routine to create through a new lens that comes into view when experiencing something for the first time.

Create a first time experience every week

  • Work from a different location for a change of scenery
  • Try a new sport or relaxation activity
  • Take a risk that unnerves you
  • Learn a new language
  • Support a cause you admire
  • Engage a person with whom you generally disagree
  • Listen to music you think you will dislike

Xavier Creative House team members are Idea Originators, brand champions who incorporate bold & evocative thinking into wildly original concepts that push boundaries. Because even the most inventive marketers need stimulation to keep it fresh, we heavily employ the change of scenery strategy. Logging in at Starbucks doesn’t count. We recommend trying something unconventional such as observing interesting architecture or strolling through an open air market to watch how the vendors present their wares. After scouring the environment for sources of creativity on a weekly basis, Xavier team members gather for what we call Show Us Your Bold Friday. We wrap up every month by comparing notes on what settings stimulate us most. Inspiration is all around us so whether you take a trip, try an extreme sport, or learn a new language, be sure to keep your notepad and pen nearby to capture those ideas when creativity sparks. For a never ending stream of creative inspiration, bring your bucket list to Xavier Creative House and dive in with us today.

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