Know Your Clients-What Really Matters

Looking for an inspiring activity to rally the troops and engage your customers? Try this suggestion to get in touch with what’s important to your client base and put your employees in the driver’s seat as outreach ambassadors. Here’s how it works.

The Act of Connecting
Level set the team by having each member identify one customer with whom they can relate. All the better if no one comes to mind because this is an opportunity to build a relationship. Do a warm-up by following your clients’ social streams to get familiar with what is important to them. You can also open a google search to get notified if your clients’ names or company appears in the media. The bottom line is letting customers know you care about them and their company’s achievements, accomplishments, and positive press.

Pick Up the Phone
It is hard to get to know someone over text or even email. Approach this project old-school style by reaching out to connect with someone by phone, so you can hear their voice for a change. To get things going, try these conversation starters.

  • I noticed your post on LinkedIn and wanted to let you know, I think the outreach you did with your team was as awesome.
  • I’ve been working remotely and wanted to know if you still feel you are getting the same high level of service.
  • Is there anything I can do to make working together easier? For example, we now schedule our meetings through Calendly, and it has been great. Can I walk you through how to set it up for your team?

Write a Note
Once you establish rapport, further personalize the relationship by reaching out when you see something online that represents a milestone for your client. Even though snail mail seems to be the slowest way to communicate, it is a nice feeling to receive a card and people often keep them, especially if the design or message is unique. Keep in mind that this is an optimal time to stay in close contact with your clients and quickly pivot to address their changing needs. Finding out their pain points will help you navigate updated service offerings that will strengthen the relationship and stay top of mind.

Reference https://www.slideshare.net/briansolis/the-little-blue-book-of-social-transformation

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