Kiss Bad Backgrounds Goodbye. Keep It Simple in Social.

Dear House Rules,

I thought I was doing a good job of managing my brand on social media. However, the other day, I checked out my LinkedIn page from my phone and the wording I had in my banner was cut-off and the image was so big across the screen that the point of it was completely lost. I spent hours working with the specs to get this right but I never considered how screen size fit in. How can I get my images to show up correctly on different devises when the screen size varies?

Lost in Size Translation?


Dear Lost in Translation,

It is impossible to know the screen size of every user who views your profile or post. That should not stop you from branding your social; however, we do recommend you simplify your design. Each social platform has a unique set of specifications but even if you follow the exact instructions, you may still encounter the screen size issue. Imagine viewing your image on an iWatch versus a 22-inch personal computer monitor. Would the view be the same on both?

Tips to Bridge the Screen Size Divide

  • Avoid complicated content
  • Select a solid or simple color combination that is cohesive and consistent with your brand
  • Use Images that are continuous and make sense even when cut off
  • Leave words out of the background
  • Remind readers of your brand by including adding your logo color to the image

The Bottom Line

If you are pushing images to multiple social media outlets or even one, it is best to select a background image that is translatable in any size. Even if you test the image at the time you launch, there is a good chance that ever-changing social media spec updates or banner ads will pop-up and interrupt your visual message. Now what seemed like a do-it-yourself upgrade to your social media becomes a risk. We recommend working with a professional creative design agency to select a branded image that makes use of your color palette and utilizes fluid pictures to get your point across in any screen size.

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