Keys to marketing success? Focus, Focus, Focus

Dear House Rules,

I work in pharmaceutical product marketing. My team doesn’t seem to be gaining traction with the HCPs we need to reach and we’re not sure where to focus our efforts. I’m looking for advice on what techniques work best.


Sadly Not Going Viral

Dear Sadly Not Going Viral:

With so many potential avenues to take, focus on a few key areas along with these important rules of the road:

Social Media Matters

Pay attention to your social media presence. You want to connect with physicians and reach patients who may benefit from your products. Start with a strategy to build relationships, not just feature products.

Experiment with posts that capture the doctor’s point of view as well as the patient who is looking for solutions. Adopt a respectful and compassionate tone.

Connect through online communities and your website

Find your audience through online healthcare communities in therapeutic areas that are relevant to your products. Create compliant content that will inform and engage.

It might also be time to critique your website content and design. Product information needs to be clear and easy to find. Make sure you describe product benefits and thoroughly cover dosage recommendations and risk factors. Note your product differentiators to highlight uniqueness.

Once you have the words right, web design elements can maximize clarity and impact. SEO is also important. Know exactly how your audience is framing questions and put those words on your page.

App-y ever after

If face-to-face meetings aren’t feasible, find an app or a platform that gets you directly to physicians and patients. Here’s where you can get creative. Design meaningful engagement strategies like delivering emotional stories or surveys, using chatbots, or asking people to share experiences. There’s nothing wrong with inspiring the reader or tapping into their aspirations while being respectful and ethical. You might also develop an informative newsletter to send out regularly. Keep in mind that regulatory restraints abound, so follow the rules.

Look to the numbers

Finally, rely on analytics for website visits and monitor social media traffic. Don’t be afraid to tweak website content and keep creating new social media posts to capture the varied interests of your target market.

At Xavier Creative House, we offer powerful healthcare marketing techniques to keep you savvy and certain about how to market. If you need advice or assistance with any of your initiatives, let us know.


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