It’s Not Always Easy. But Ebooks Can Be a Great Brand Tool.

Dear House Rules,

How can an Ebook help me market my company? My product is very technical and I don’t think most people would want to read about it. On the other hand, my niche market is active in publishing white papers. Since I’m not a writer, I’ve avoided that. Is an Ebook more practicable for me and how do I go about creating one?

Building an Ebook

Dear Building,

An Ebook is an important tool to build brand awareness. It is a long-term marketing effort and combined with other networking and promotional campaigns, an Ebook can improve your visibility and credibility. This takes time and some companies do not have the patience or persistence to build a following for their brand. An Ebook may not necessarily drive sales so if you are looking for immediate ROI, try more short or medium-term marketing efforts. For those who do value a persistent approach to marketing, I highly recommend an Ebook. Make sure yours includes these qualities.

Ebook Basics

  1. Use Content that is unique to your business offering
  2. Give your time honored advice
  3. Personalize your approach to match the company culture
  4. Captivate the audience with professional illustrations
  5. Have your Ebook reviewed or created by an expert business writer

An Ebook is more topical and personal than a white paper. Pick a topic on which you have personal expertise and share your knowledge. This is your chance to let the personality of your company shine through. Illustrations enable your Ebook to leap off the page. Use them to capture the reader’s attention and draw their eye to key points that distinguish your company from the competition. If you feel your writing up to the task, take your notes to a professional business writer and explain what you are trying to accomplish. Let them help you organize your thoughts into 7 – 10 distinct points that will then become the chapters of your Ebook. Then take the outline to a professional branding firm to apply astonishing artwork. A little goes a long way in an Ebook. Make your content unique and surround it with original design and you will be on your way to creating a following among your business network that keeps your company in front of potential customers.


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