Invest in a Landing Page — the Way to Landing a Big Client

Dear House Rules,

I work for a large corporation and my organization has too much content on the company website. The path to find my department is buried by five clicks through the navigation bar and other sub-pages. I have tried to help my customers find our information more quickly by customizing a link but my fear is that the website is of little use in helping me promote my service. How can I work around this issue to make it easier for my customers to find me and make a purchase?

Buried in the Website?

Dear Buried,

We agree that too many clicks can confuse web visitors and even cause them to leave your website. To keep people engaged and on track to complete a sale, we recommend providing a direct link to a landing page that gives viewers a shortcut to the most desired information. A landing page does not take the place of your website; it works to promote a special event, target a specific customer or drive traffic to a promotional campaign.

Top Reasons to Use a Landing Page

  1. Class or event registration
  2. Fundraising drive
  3. Limited time offer
  4. Download a whitepaper, e-book, or blog
  5. Sign up for a free demo or consultation

Create a landing page for those initiatives you are trying to highlight and direct your client immediately to the webpage for a one-click transaction. This is a branding opportunity so be sure to illustrate the landing page with unique images that showcase your offering. We suggest you keep it clean and simple with visual appeal being the top priority. Seek the assistance of a professional branding firm to add evocative design elements and tone.

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