Instagram RoadMap for Pharma

Do’s, Must Do’s & Don’ts

Since 2017, the number of business profiles on Instagram has increased from 15 to 25 million with hundreds of millions  of views each day. The advantage of business profiles can be found in Instagram’s advanced features such as ad spends in the form of promoted posts, view tracking to collect contact information, and a buffering option to store and time the release of prepared content. Furthermore, business users can access demographic information on their followers and analyze the traction of specific campaigns down to individual posts.

Both patients and consumers now rely on this social medium for healthcare tips and testimonials. Storytelling is the hottest trend in marketing and the pharmaceutical brands have a vital message to share.  Whether it’s a breakthrough therapy or progress towards a cure, Instagram can get your message out there in a compelling way.  It all begins with the photo.

Do Cultivate Meaningful Photos They are the basis of all Instagram traffic and for good reason. An image evokes emotion and visual learners and people who feel moved by your post are likely to develop a favorable opinion of your brand. Depending on the impact of the initial picture, a post can go viral or get swiped.

Must-Do Storytelling Personalizing your campaigns with real-life scenarios will capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Be sure to share the patient journey, give a backstory on your mission, and promote the expertise of your team. This draws people in and creates a loyal following.

Don’t Let Go of the Viewer The goal for a business Instagram post is to capture the attention of your target market and pull them through for more information about your brand. To set yourself up for success, capitalize on the first impression of the image by backing it up with quick links to video, an action-oriented landing page, or for very complex issues, the specific science behind your product or treatment.

Instagram for business is a movement worth following.  It is one Xavier Creative House’s favorite social streams. We love to share our bold and evocative images to demonstrate the originality and visionary approach you can expect from our creative team.

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