How to Make Yourself an Industry Leader

Dear House Rules,

Sometimes I feel like I’m my industry’s best-kept secret. My work is excellent, and my clients keep coming back, but aside from that, no one in my business seems to know who I am. After I started my business, I worked hard to build a thriving enterprise with great employees and solid client list, and I’m thrilled that they generate so much repeat business, but something just seems to be missing. I guess I don’t know how to market myself. Should I rent a billboard? Print my name and a catchy slogan on the inside of matchbooks? I could really use some help from an expert marketer like you.


Walking the Walk, But Not Talking the Talk

Dear Walking the Walk,

You may not know it, but you just wrote your first billboard. (By the way: don’t do that. Or the matchbooks.) In just one paragraph, I learned that you started your own business, built it from the ground up into one that’s healthy enough to be hiring even in tough economic times, and that your clients are so loyal to you that they don’t go anywhere else. That’s a message worth sending – and you’ve got to know a lot about your industry to achieve so much.

It’s not too difficult to spread the word about your company and your expertise. Take the dedication you used to form your business in the first place, apply it to publicizing your capabilities and expertise, and develop a calendar that prioritizes promotional marketing. How? Try these for starters:

  • Showcase your expertise – Yes, it’s true! If you are a master of your craft, a true expert in your field (and it sounds like you are), you should be educating people at every turn. Share your knowledge of healthcare trends, marketing to no-see physicians, or producing outstanding mechanism of action (MOA) videos, and potential clients will be drawn to your site so they can learn more.


  • Feature guest posts – They can enhance the value of the mobile-friendly website you doubtless already have. In addition, the author of your guest post will almost certainly repay your favor by having you write a guest post on their Bit by bit, your name is getting out there.


  • Create your own content – These days, the barriers to becoming your own media outlet are coming down. You can create videos with your smartphone, podcast from your home computer, and write blogs from your laptop. It’s an opportunity for you to relay your expertise through a platform that best showcases your strengths, whether it’s through video, audio, or in the written word.


  • Use social media – Using the content you’ve created, you can also demonstrate your impact on social media, whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or another social platform. Sharing on social media provides you the opportunity to reach a bigger audience than direct email (remember it?) Social media can multiply your exposure exponentially. Share your writing and articles in which you have been quoted. Share your thoughts on news stories relevant to your expertise. Get your work seen and voice heard.

Finally, it’s easy to forget about, or question the value of, networking meetings, but they’re as vital today as ever. Volunteer boards, for example, bring together like-minded people and are a great way to gather around a cause. It’s no surprise that business deals take place between people in these groups. Join a peer-to-peer group like CEOThinkTank to attend workshops, keynotes, and strategy sessions designed to grow your business. Your company’s success  depends on ensuring your colleagues know what you offer. Think of the strategies listed above as simple ways to establish, nurture, and advance relationships with potential clients.

At Xavier Creative House, we’ve helped dozens of companies enhance their visibility, and we’d love to help you as well. Get in touch via phone, email, or social media.


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