Human Side of Your Brand

Are You Relatable?

Familiarity beats formality when it comes to promoting healthcare brands today. The industry is all about people and well-being, so why not show off your team to your target market. Quality is still key when it comes to imagery so skip the mugshot with your smartphone up against the white office wall. This doesn’t mean your corporate headshots have to be stuffy, just the opposite. The more your personalize the photos, the better the sense of relatedness your audience feels. Potential and current customers, future employees, and vendors may be influenced by getting to know the team through a combination of photos, company history, and the team’s personal stories or comments. Try these tips to draw in viewers using personalized yet professional headshots.

Personality Shines Through – whether your corporate headshots capture the essence of your brand or the individual demeanor of each team member, keep it consistent and back it up with content. Formal headshots followed by a brief professional history sets a more traditional tone, while a candid headshot accompanied by a list of favorite foods, vacation spots, and sports teams provides a hipper view of the organization.

Clarity Equals Quality – no matter how cool the shot is, it won’t do justice to your brand if the focus is off.  Seek out a professional photographer who is willing to come onsite to make it convenient for the team or hit the streets with you to capture those live shots of work in the field.

Background Matters – let the picture do the talking by setting up location shoots that best represent your product or service in action.  And don’t forget video. Well cultivated and succinct video brings your brand to life. It is especially impactful when you feature team members displaying their expertise.

Professional headshots are worth the investment because relationship buying is alive and well Think thought leadership in the form of posts, blogs, or articles for all of your social media channels. The ability to see the author establishes trust and encourages the audience to press “follow.” For public speaking, a headshot is the best way to stand out in the promotional materials. Variety is helpful here. Be sure to ask for a three quarter length shot or pictures that capture the speaker in action. To promote camaraderie, use employee headshots on your conference call profiles or in the email signature. Familiarity begins at first contact, and a positive personal brand for your team members is a plus for your corporate identity.

With a new style of competitors blanketing the marketplace with online subscription services and grab and go marketing options, how do you continue to compete on value with a full-service offering? We suggest differentiating by promoting the human side of your brand and engaging the customer with images of the people who will serve them. Professional headshots are  It is worth the investment because relationship buying is alive and well. Xavier Creative House puts a face to our brand by introducing the team, including our fabulous interns. We would love to do the same for you.



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