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The rapid acceleration of technological innovation has found its way into everyday life. Comparable to the phrase Necessity is the Mother of Invention, businesses are taking a fresh approach to operational practices like same-day transactions and enhanced delivery options. Healthcare, an industry that has delivered services in basically the same way for the last few decades, has also made a leap forward. Digital patient records and information exchange is prompting new diagnostic tools. Big data, with AI-powered search engines, offers researchers and HCPs faster and more comprehensive answers to their inquiries. Access to information and analytics are now supported by the adoption of these data boosters.

Super Charged Analytics

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Manipulation of Source Data
  4. Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning

Doing the heavy lifting of data extraction and correlating endless combinations of statistics is what makes machine learning the catalyst for breakthroughs in the life sciences industry. More than volume, the speed of discovery brings innovations to the market faster. Algorithms that separate relevant from extraneous data advance research past the early stages of sorting information and directly to analysis. Unlimited possibilities exist when machine learning improves algorithms by learning from mistakes like a false positive or negative test result.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence accelerates the research process by enabling computers to draw conclusions from data. Informed by digitized patient records, AI establishes parameters for decision making. The level of insight increases exponentially compared to what one practitioner or even a team of researchers could hope to achieve via personal knowledge or studying medical journals. The formulation of the data into patterns adds another layer of analysis, capable of addressing issues beyond the original question. Ultimately, AI will unveil infinite possibilities when it comes to diagnostics, the development of health-related solutions, and answers to other life sciences inquiries.

Source Data

The ability to use algorithms to process unlabeled data is opening up a whole new world of health outcomes. Labeled data is information that has been formatted for a specific purpose and organized to that end. Outcome-based use of the data may exclude solutions that are new discoveries. On the contrary, treating all information as raw or unlabeled takes full advantage of the computing power capable of supposing outcomes as diverse as the inputs.

Predictive Analytics

The use of data mining, predictive modeling, statistical algorithms, and machine learning of existing or historical patient data allows for predictive analytics to exceed the performance of diagnostic and descriptive, analytical models. The sharing of analytics between studies adds to the accuracy of predictions that enable HCPs to offer earlier disease diagnosis and spot hard to diagnosis diseases.

At Xavier Creative House, we are leaning in to innovations in the health information exchange that advances medical research by using data to produce valuable insights. We employ creative strategies that take advantage of the synergy of Right-Brain Innovation and Left-Brain Logic. Consider us to keep your healthcare brand up-to-speed with the fast-paced evolution of medical data manipulation.

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