Get Linkedin or Get Left out. 4 Steps for Effective Social Branding.

Dear House Rules,

I feel like I am the last person on the planet to get started on social media and by now LinkedIn is saturated with businesses just like mine. What can I do to make my LinkedIn profiles stand out so people to read them?

Last to Join the Social Scene

Dear Last to Join,

Take notice of the LinkedIn profiles that really catch your eye. They are colorful and illustrated with images that capture the imagination. There are a number of ways to bring color and graphics into your personal or business LinkedIn profile. Here are the most visible places to include evocative design and attention-grabbing imagery to show people who you are and what you do.

Make Your Profile Standout

  1. Add a custom background
  2. Visually bring your blog posts to life with a branded image
  3. Attach a video introduction to your profile
  4. Ensure your content expresses your strategic brand focus

The Perfect Backdrop

LinkedIn has opened up the field behind your headshot for a background image. They published the specs so you can do it yourself, but do not take this step lightly. Certain images are lost or skewed upon upload and it is not as easy as it looks. This area should make an impact with vibrant color and broad design that makes sense even if pieces of it end up covered by changeable LinkedIn ads and offers.

Graphics for your Post

Many business owners are now sharing views as thought leaders with posts on LinkedIn. If you choose to give blogging a try, go the next step and include a creative picture to illustrate your words. This is the perfect opportunity to bring the color from your logo into original artwork or a stock image. The design should create a consistent visual flow from your profile to your blog and back to your website.

The Power of Video

Press the arrow to play. That’s right, video introductions are becoming very popular on LinkedIn. Just check the quality because nothing says classy or cheap like moving pictures. This is the gold standard of branding and may be better left alone unless you plan to do it right. If you are too shy to be filmed, consider doing a brief piece about your company’s greatest success or perhaps a case study.

All of these approaches will make your personal and company LinkedIn profiles more engaging for the reader. To focus your brand strategy be sure to have relatable images and the exact logo colors pulled through the design in a way that enhances your professional image. For assistance with differentiating your brand on social media and other marketing outlets, work with a reputable design firm.

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