Get It Right the First Time

Dear House Rules,

As a new business owner I have a limited marketing budget. Is there an order and priority to how a new company approaches branding? Should I start with getting a logo?

Get it Right the First Time

Dear First Timer,

Most new businesses want to jump ahead to the logo when they begin the branding process. Before you dive into the creative process of developing your brand identity, there is critical analysis every new company needs to do. Use this as your checklist before and after selecting a logo.

  • Hold a conceptualization meeting to incorporate your business vision and positioning into a brand story
  • Analyze the competition
  • Examine the impact of color and custom fonts on your logo and stay away from what your competitors are already doing in the market
  • Determine if there is an icon which will enhance your brand. Not everyone uses or needs an icon. If you do use an icon, make sure it strengthens your brand and isn’t just a pretty swirl design just because it looks cool.
  • Consider a tagline and vet options that link back directly to your positioning.

Once you land on the chosen brand identity make sure to build your brand cohesively and consistently

  • Carry the icon, logo, font, colors and tagline throughout your collateral and web presence including social media
  • Make sure social channels are consistently set-up so people can easily find you and your brand
  • Brand EVERYTHING. Make all of your creative smart, evocative and memorable
  • Be consistent! Once you establish a strong brand presence be targeted and consistent throughout channels in order to build recognition with your audience.

So, if you want to do it right the first time and save valuable resources, follow the House Rules for the before and after of building your brand identity.

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