Five Smart Strategies for HCP Engagement

Dear House Rules,

Dear House Rules,

I’m a seasoned pharmaceutical sales representative and I’m well aware that HCPs are relying more and more on digital non-personal promotion. What are your thoughts on the future of the industry? How long will it be before my job is obsolete?


Wondering about the sample closet

Dear Wondering,

Don’t give up your tablet yet. While it’s true that HCPs are relying more on digital sources for information, there is also an increased surge of new therapies approved by the FDA due to their “Breakthrough Therapy” designation which helps facilitate approval of serious or rare conditions. With all these new drugs entering the market, HCPs have an overwhelming amount of clinical data to evaluate before they can prescribe a new therapy with any degree of confidence. Routine sales calls must cover efficacy data, safety, dosing, and appropriate patient selection. Reps can answer questions, leave samples and additional information—all within a brief call. There’s no doubt that HCPs still need that critical information.

The key for pharma companies, however, is to determine the right balance between traditional sales calls and digital non-personal promotion (NPP) to effectively guide the physician from introduction to adoption.

Here’s a brief overview of professional guidance on 5 strategies for the “Rules of Engagement” from PM360. This is nothing new to you, Wondering, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the validation anyway.

1. When, Where, and How Matter More than Ever. HCPs have serious time constraints. They need the right information at the right time on the right platform.

2. The “What Still Matters Most. Content should be academic in tone, offer long-term benefits of the treatment option, and offer value to the HCP.

3. Content Must Be Results-Driven. Research, data collection, and analysis will help gauge message delivery and provide insights regarding engagement.

4. Create Memorable Interactions with Multiple Touch Points. To resonate with your audience, create an engaging story across multiple formats (videos, quizzes, slide decks, etc.).

5. Build Trust. Key opinion leaders, medical specialty societies, and patient advocacy associations can help establish brand message credibility through professional, unbiased content. 

Your role in building meaningful professional relationships—while teaching HCPs about the benefits of the products you’re promoting—makes you a very valuable asset to your company. And, for that matter, you are also important to the patients who benefit from the products. So, in my opinion, Wondering, it certainly looks like you’ll have plenty of detailing opportunities coming up in the future. Keep working towards the greater good and best of luck to you!


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